Marijuana Products

We are a recreational marijuana dispensary. We also sell medical marijuana.  Our shop offers a variety of flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and tinctures.  We are in Welches, Oregon on Mt Hood near Rhododendron.  Stop in and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you!

All Prices Include Tax

** Pre-Rolls are available in most flavors ranging from $4.50 to $8.00 for half-grams and $9.00 to $15.00 for full-grams **


NamePriceFarm/DistributorTHC %CBD%
Dogwalker 1.0g$15.00Luvli/Luvli28.590.08
Dogwalker 3.5g$50.00
Durban Poison 1.0g$12.00
Durban Poison 3.5g$40.00
Gorilla Glue #4 1.0g$12.00Luvli/Luvli22.770.17
Gorilla Glue #4 3.5$40.00
Granola Funk 1.0g$12.00Daydream Farm/ The Dub23.340.00
Granola Funk 3.5g$40.00
Large Marge 1.0g$12.00DaveFu Farms/ DaveFu Farms21.340.00
Large Marge 3.5g$40.00
Mango Kush 1.0g$15.00Noble Farms/Noble Farms24.200.06
Mango Kush 3.5g$50.00
Pineapple Punch 1.0g$12.00DaveFu Farms/ DaveFu Farms22.280.00
Pineapple Punch 3.5g$40.00
Ringo's Gift CBD 1.0g$10.00Sweden Farms/Headwater1.223.4
Ringo's Gift CBD 3.5g$30.00
Strawberry Cough 1.0g$15.00DaveFu Farms/DaveFu Farms24.630.00
Strawberry Cough 3.5g$50.00


Buddies 1.0g Drippers
Buddies 1.0g Terp Sugar
Buddies 1.0g Live Resin$30.00
Calyx Crafts 1.0g BHO Shatter$19.00 - $24.00
Calyx Crafts 1.0g Terp Sugar$18.00
Chronic Creations Ice Hash
Full Spectrum CO2 .50g Cartridge$32.00
Fruit Lust Flavored .50g Cartridge$36.00
Mama's Lou's CBD, THC and CBD/THC (1 to 1) 1.0g Edible Extract$40.00
Oregon Grown Extract 1.0G Shatter$19.00 - $24.00
Orchid 1.0g Distillate Cartridge$68.00
Orchid 1.0g Distillate Kit $76.00
Oregrown 1.0g Caviar$60.00
Oregrown 1.0g Nectar$45.00
Pax .50g Extract Pod$49.50
Select CBD (only) .50g Disposible Pen in Focus, Revive and Relax $35.00
Select Strains Elite 1.0g Distillate Cartridge$60.00
Select Elite .50g Distillate CBD/THC (1 to 1) Cartridge$40.00
Select Elite 1.0g Distillate CBD/THC (1 to 2) Cartridge$70.00
Select Strains 1.0 Dabable Distillate$36.00
Twax .50g Joints (Premium flower joints dipped in premium extract)$10.50
Twax 1.0g Joints (Premium flower joints dipped in premium extract)$15.00


Grön: CBD Milk Chocolate Bar
Grön: Dark Choc Espresso Beans
Grön: Dark Chocolate
THC/CBD (1 to 1) Bar
Gron: Dark Chocolate Mint Medallions$24.00
Grön: Milk Chocolate Seasalt Bar
Gron: Milk Chocolate Almond Coconut Bar$22.00
Gron: Dark Chocolate Raspberry CBD/THC (2 to 1) Bar$28.00
Legal: Blackberry Lemonade Hybrid Beverage$12.50
Legal: Cranberry THC/CBD (1 to 1) Beverage$25.00
Legal: Lemon Ginger Indica Beverage$20.00
Legal: Mocha Espresso Sativa Beverage$20.00
Legal: Pomegranate Sativa Beverage$20.00
Legal: Rainier Cherry Hybrid Beverage$20.00
Smokiez: HARD Green Apple Candies
Smokiez: HARD Lemon Candies
Smokiez: Pink Grapefruit Gummiez
Oregon Candy Farm: Coastal Carmels$14.00
Oregon Candy Farm: Deebos Caramels$14.00
Oregon Candy Farm: Grateful Granola$18.00
Oregon Candy Farm: Lemon Ginger Chews$14.00
Oregon Candy Farm: Ohh Fudge$14.00
Wyld: Blood Orange White Chocolate Sativa Single Serve$3.00
Wyld: Huckleberry Hybrid Gummies$24.00
Wyld: Marionberry Indica Gummies$24.00
Wyld: Medical Marionberry Indica Gummies$25.00
Wyld: Medical Raspberry Sativa Gummies$25.00
Wyld: Peach White Chocolate Indica Single Serve$3.00
Wyld: Pomegranate THC/CBD (1 to 1) Gummies$28.00
Wyld: Raspberry Sativa Gummies$24.00
Wyld: Strawberry CBD Only Gummies$24.00
Wyld: Strawberry White Chocolate Hybrid Single Serve $3.00


Gron: CBD Balm 2oz (Capsaicin, Lavender or Peppermint & Rosemary)$40.00
Pacific Wave: Liniment 1oz$27.00
Pacific Wave: Salve 1oz$27.00


TJ's: CBD Tincture (15ml)
TJ's: THC Hypnos Tincture (15ml)
Select CBD Tincture (30ml)$65.00